Product Rework and Salvage

Reworking t-shirts into cleaning rags

Reworking t-shirts into cleaning rags.

Reworking and the salvaging of products that might be out of date, or parts needed for new assemblies provides a valuable costs saving service for many manufacturing customers and helps to limit waste and scrap.  Alternatives Industry has completed many projects where precious metals and high value parts have been recovered, while also systematically disposing of unwanted components.  Whether you have a fully completed product that needs new wiring or if you are salvaging parts, we have the skills and experience to achieve your goal. 

Examples: Furnace and air conditioner recover.  We recovered thousands of useful and valuable parts from over 4000 fully assembled units

The reclaimed parts and components were valuable for our customer whom servicing units in the field


Long term or short term jobs, Altertantives Industry has the man power to be cost efficient solution. To find out how Altertantives Industry can help, click the “Contact Us” tab and tell us a bit about yur project.

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