Alternatives Industry & The Arc of Madison Cortland Celebrates 115 Years Of Service
From left to right: Deb Marshall - 15 Years, Patricia Vanderpool -10 Years, Perry Courto - Associate Executive Director and CFO at The Arc of Madison Cortland, Lorie Compoli – 35 Years, Jack Campbell - The Executive Director of the Arc of Madison Cortland, Naomi Yoder – 10 Years, Corey Bloss - 5 Years, Daniel Watson – 15 Years, & Donna Walrath with 25 years (Not photographed).

Alternatives Industry & The Arc of Madison Cortland Celebrates 115 Years Of Service

Oneida, NY – On Friday, August 24, 2018, Jack Campbell, Executive Director at The Arc of Madison Cortland presented years of continuous service awards to 7 dedicated employees who are employed at Alternatives Industry.

Alternatives Industry is an integrated business that offers a variety of business solutions and provides employment opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. “The employees who received this year’s awards are some of the most devoted and reliable employees I have ever worked with,” stated Patti Curro.  Curro has worked with The Arc of Madison Cortland as a Production Manager for 35 years.

The following recipients have 115 years of combined service: Corey Bloss with 5 years of continuous service; Naomi Yoder and Patricia Vanderpool with 10 years of continuous service; Deb Marshall and Daniel Watson with 15 years of continuous service; Donna Walrath with 25 years of continuous service and Lorie Compoli with 35 years of continuous service.

“Gainful employment is more than a job: it is what defines us; it is freedom to have what we want, and it removes barriers from living a healthy and happy life,” stated Jack Campbell.  “We must remain steadfast in providing employment choices and opportunities for everyone.  We all deserve a chance to succeed in life,” he added.

The Arc of Madison Cortland is a chapter of The Arc New York which formed 52 years ago in Cortland County and 50 years ago in Madison County.  With the heart and inspiration of parents, family members and friends, programs were developed for people with autism, Down syndrome, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities.

Today The Arc continues to advocate for people with developmental disabilities and provide a wide range of programs and services: Medicaid service coordination, self-direction brokerage, residential, respite, family support, employment programs, day habilitation programs, guardianship, and transportation.

In addition, The Arc of Madison Cortland offers an article 16 clinic that provides: testing for the diagnosis of autism and other developmental disabilities, nutritional counseling, psychiatry, behavioral counseling, physical and occupational therapy, podiatry and nursing.

The Arc of Madison Cortland continues to promote choice, self-advocacy, person-centered outcomes and has earned national CQL Accreditation. 

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