Blister & Heat Shrink Packaging

Blister packaging is typically used for products destined to retail shelves and encompasses a card backer and a plastic “blister” bubble over the top of products.  The vast number of items blister packed are smaller hand sized items.  Common packaged items include cosmetics, seasonal items, and household items.

At Alternatives Industry our machinery and personnel can blister pack multi-drop items.  We are able to assist you in getting the correct materials and understanding the benefits of blister packing.  We specialize in large volume and seasonal runs along with custom run with additional packaging and packout services.

Shrinkable plastic film is used to protect and preserve products in retail and industrial industries.  When heat is applied to the polymer plastic film the material tightens over the objects it is covering.  Alternatives has the years of experience with using this material and completing volume product runs.  Please keep in mind that this process requires that heat is applied and is not ideal for items that are not heat resistant.

Pills in a plastic blister packaging

Alternatives Industry maintains a dedicated area for assembly and packaging of medical items which require a higher level of cleanliness. Our decades of experience and skilled staff can ensure high-quality handling of medical components and on-time delivery. Our facility is configured for manual assembly and packaging projects. Alternatives has experience in FDA regulated lot traceability.  Testing, quality control, and warehousing services are available.

When you couple the packaging services with our warehousing services we can become your operation’s one-stop shop.


Collating & Mailing

Preferred Source Contracts

If you are a state agency, a public benefit corporation (including most public authorities), a municipality, or a school district you are required by law to purchase commodities and services from Preferred Sources first if a Preferred Source offering meets your needs for form, function, and utility.  The advantage of this type of procurement is that you do not need to follow the competitive bid process.

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