Packaging Solutions: Rework and Salvage

Packaging rework and salvage has become an area of expertise of Alternatives Industry over the years due to our decades of packaging experience, flexible workforce, and dynamic facility structure.  Whether you need to re-package retail products for new pricing or new branding or you have industrial items that need parts pulled for more valuable markets, we can assist in completing your project.

Alternatives Industry has completed projects for national retailers and national brands comprising thousands of units.  In these operations, manual assembly or disassembly is required in order to ensure the product is not harmed in the process.  In some cases, it is only a matter of inspecting items and applying a sticker in order to allow you to resell in different markets.

Boxes of repackaged Restora Lint Rollers at Alternatives Industry.

Our experience can help you achieve greater value out of your products.

Preferred Source Contracts

If you are a state agency, a public benefit corporation (including most public authorities), a municipality, or a school district you are required by law to purchase commodities and services from Preferred Sources first if a Preferred Source offering meets your needs for form, function, and utility.  The advantage of this type of procurement is that you do not need to follow the competitive bid process.

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