Meeting Your Packaging Needs

Alternatives Industry has a core competency in various kinds of manual packaging services [product packaging]. 

Whether it is assembling retail displays, consumer products, or unique limited edition runs, we will complete your project on time, with the quality you expect.  

When you utilize our warehouse space and shipping services we can complete your operation needs, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

There is no project too small for Alternatives Industry! We look forward to satisfying your unique needs in packaging services.

Alternatives Industry has decades of experience in packaging and can assist you in your decisions for packaging materials and packouts.

Restora Lint Rollers being repackaged at Alternatives Industry

Blister & Heat Shrink Packaging

Blister packaging is typically used for products destined to retail shelves and encompasses a card backer and a plastic “blister” bubble over the top of products. The vast number of items blister packed are smaller hand sized items. Common packaged items include cosmetics, seasonal items, and household items... Read more

Collating & Mailing

Collating and Mailing services provide cost savings by utilizing Alternatives Industry workforce to assemble time-consuming direct mail, seasonal and marketing pieces instead of pulling your staff off of their everyday work or hiring temporary labor... Read more

Packaging Solutions

Packaging rework and salvage has become an area of expertise of Alternatives Industry over the years due to our decades of packaging experience, flexible workforce, and dynamic facility structure... Read more

Preferred Source Contracts

If you are a state agency, a public benefit corporation (including most public authorities), a municipality, or a school district you are required by law to purchase commodities and services from Preferred Sources first if a Preferred Source offering meets your needs for form, function, and utility.  The advantage of this type of procurement is that you do not need to follow the competitive bid process.

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